Saturday, June 11, 2011

Walt Anderson's Photos of Horseshoe Two

Walt Anderson is a long-time friend and fellow artist who teaches at Prescott College. He was in Chiricahua National Monument when the Horseshoe Two Fire jumped containment lines at Saulsbury Saddle and raged through Rustler and Barfoot Parks. His photos document that awesome, terrible event.

Smoke boils over the distant Chiricahua Mountains.
(All photos by Walt Anderson)

From Chiricahua National Monument

Horseshoe Two Fire from Sugarloaf in Chiricahua National Monument

An unearthly light filters through the smoke from Barfoot.

Barfoot in flames

The glowing dot after the inferno is Barfoot Lookout.


  1. Fire maps in Motion. An animation of the Horseshoe Two Fire progression over the past month.

  2. Very nicely done! Thanks for sending the link to your video.