Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hummingbirds at Buenaventura Reserve

One of the finest hummingbird shows anywhere is here, on full and dazzling display from Buenaventura Reserve's front porch. The number of individuals is astonishing –– far too many for the birds to waste much time in skirmishing. We tally eleven species of hummers during our two days in the reserve, mostly at the feeders, although some like the Wedge-billed Hummingbird only appear for us in the surrounding forest.

Hummingbirds crowd around the megafeeders at Buenaventura Reserve.
(Photos by Narca)

An Andean Emerald, demure for a hummingbird!

Blurry photo of a Blue-chested Hummer, quite rare this far south

Many Brown Violetears frequent the feeders.

A tiny Green Thorntail female watches the commotion.

Male and female White-necked Jacobins, a common and widespread species

A striking male White-necked Jacobin

Little Violet-bellied Hummingbirds are among my favorites.

A slight turn shows this Violet-bellied's splendor!

World Land Trust operates a webcam which shows the hummingbird feeders at Buenaventura. I haven't yet found it working properly, but perhaps they will repair it soon –– it's well worth a look!

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