Thursday, December 6, 2012

Buff-collared Nightjar / Field Sketching Workshop

Years ago in the village of Alamos in Sonora, Mexico, Alan, Beth Russell and I stumbled across this Buff-collared Nightjar. (Maybe stumbled across isn't quite right––we were out on that chilly night specifically to look for one!)

The bird was nestled under a street lamp next to the cemetery and didn't want to budge. How obliging! It was begging to be sketched.

Today's request from Western Birds for a sketch of a Buff-collared Nightjar brought back the whole scene. Digging through old field journals, I found it. It actually provides great incentive to get back out in the field with a sketchbook.

If any of you have a similar hankering, think about joining me next August for a weeklong workshop in field sketching, offered through WINGS. We will be based right here in the Chiricahua Mountains. What setting could be better?!


  1. Lovely sketch! The workshop sounds like fun.

  2. Very fun! And you are most welcome to come!

  3. Thanks, DiAnn! It's a special bird, hard to find in the US.