Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Home Base at Tmatboey

Anyone considering a trip to Cambodia may be interested in seeing what accommodations at Tmatboey are like. The villagers involved in the ecotourism program were unfailingly helpful and friendly.

The cabins are duplexes. Like elsewhere in Cambodia, people are asked to remove their shoes before entering.

Our cabin at Tmatboey (Photos by Narca)

Inside, the rooms are simple and clean. The ceiling fan is a big plus. Mosquito netting keeps out unwanted nighttime visitors.

Our room at Tmatboey

The bathrooms are a... let's say cozy... combination of shower, sink, and Western-style toilet, with the typical system of flushing by means of buckets of water. The shower water was even heated, for those who could figure out the system.

And en-suite wildlife went beyond geckos to include this charming frog, perched on the bathroom mirror.

Here is the open-air dining area at Tmatboey. Food was tasty, and the cooks made an effort to meet individual needs.

Now can you manage that? Of course you can. And the true rewards include a wealth of birds. This tiny Collared Falconet graced the road in.

Collared Falconet

And butterflies! I have no idea how this one even fits into the grand scheme of life.

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