Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Take Heart!

Reed Peters called today with encouraging news about the Horseshoe 2 Fire burning in the Chiricahuas. Dugger Hughes and members of his Type One team feel that they have turned the corner, and are able now to actively manage the fire, instead of just reacting to its twists and turns. That is especially good news in the light of the continuing strong, gusty winds.

Most of the perimeter lines are finished, and ongoing burnouts are moderating the fire's intensity. Lines and burnouts have been holding, even in the high wind. The fire team is cautiously optimistic.

Today South Fork was again an area of concern, as a hotspot there suddenly flared and ignited the opposite slope. Resources were again focused there today to protect this critically important riparian habitat. A burnout is planned for Wednesday at the junction of South Fork and the main Cave Creek Canyon, as well as south of the research station.

Firefighters are continuing to monitor areas like Paradise very closely.

The next major priority will be the southern edge of the active fire, still backing into Rucker and Price Canyons, and expected to burn all the way to Highway 80. Buck Wickham estimated that 60-70% of the fire burning in the trees is doing so at a low intensity, achieving a beneficial burn. That news is good indeed.

The area burned stands at over 44,000 acres.

838 firefighters and support staff are now working on Horseshoe 2--and we thank each one of you! You are doing a magnificent job under very difficult conditions.

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  1. Thinking of you and Alan each day. Appreciate the updates. Kathy