Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fire Line Holding in South Fork

This morning's briefing on the Horseshoe Fire was held under cloudy skies, with a ragged trace of virga falling to the northeast. The transition from Brad McBratney's fire crew to Wayne Cook's fire team became official this morning. (Brad is standing at the far left, dressed in blue.)

6 AM fire briefing at Portal Rescue building (Photo by Narca)

Yesterday's work by fire crews was successful in holding the Horseshoe Fire near the new fire lines constructed through manzanita and pinyon-juniper, close to the South Fork picnic area. A green arrow on the map points to that area of concern. Suppression work there continues today.

The fire bulged a bit on the northeast corner yesterday (see red arrow), and today's control efforts, including water drops, will include that region. The blue arrow points to another potentially active edge of the fire, which will also receive attention today.

The burn now covers 3401 acres and is considered 25% contained. Growth potential is at "medium," and it is still a game of patience.

Pete Miller surprised everyone at the briefing by taking the microphone to express our thanks to the crews from the whole community––his gesture was very well-received.

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