Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Language of Oz

Young Wedge-tailed Eagle (Photo by Narca)

The Australian language is hauntingly like–and unlike–its American counterpart. We immediately begin to play with the slang. If you happen to drive past a wedgie (Wedge-tailed Eagle) or a tree full of cockies, just chuck a U-ey, mate, and you'll be right. We must have chucked hundreds of U-eys. Then one night at a little restaurant in Musgrave, the TV announcer in the background mentions that some ball player had "chucked a sickie." Jim investigates: the player had taken a day of sick leave! That must have caused some of his fans to "crack a mental" or "throw a wobbly!"


  1. You would normally say that you had "chucked a sickie", rather than hung a sickie. I have never heard that usage. You do however either hang or chuck a U-ey. The other terms are correct.

  2. Indeed you're right. I'll chuck an edit and fix it! Thanks.