Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stay Tuned: Cambodia!

When there's a long break in my blog posts, you can bet I'm on the road. We have just returned from nearly a month and a half in Southeast Asia––Cambodia, Thailand, and Singapore––and is there ever a lot to report!

Here is a quick preview of one of Cambodia's many jewels: Crested Treeswift. It is related to swifts and to hummingbirds. Late in the evening, the treeswifts were gathering on perches at Tmatboey, a site famed for its Giant Ibis and White-shouldered Ibis; both are critically endangered species. But we'll get to them...!


Crested Treeswift, Hemiprocne coronata (Photo by Narca)


  1. A nice photograph of a beautiful bird. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Indeed, they are beautiful! And so graceful in the air. Thanks for your comments!