Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fire Meeting Rescheduled for Thursday

The community meeting originally set for tonight has been rescheduled for tomorrow night at 7 PM at the Portal Fire & Rescue classroom. We'll learn then how yesterday's attempt fared, when a crew was to be dropped in to work a fire line along the eastern flank of the active front of the Horseshoe Fire. As the fire moves into gentler terrain, it has become possible to attack it more directly, at least along that edge. Yesterday was calm, and the crews seized the opportunity.

Today, however, gusty winds are again blowing at 20-25 mph, humidity is falling into single digits (about 8%), and a high of 98º F is predicted. All of that intensifies fire behavior, as the photo taken this afternoon from my house vividly shows.

Horseshoe Fire on June 16
(Photo by Narca)


  1. A real scary situation. Our trip to Portal last January was great despite the wind, rain, and snow. It left us longing to return. Our thoughts are will everyone there and the safety of the fire crews. Let's hope this ends soon.

  2. Thanks, Alan. The rains will end it. Once before during a drought, the ladies of Portal got together and did a rain dance--and voilá. It actually rained. Might have to try that again.